Yahweh! Insta-Prayer, was a computer program that Bruce Nolan created with his powers, for the purpose of managing, and answering,prayers.



The Yahweh Insta-Prayer's "inbox".

A day after being granted infinite divine powers by God, Bruce began to hear strange, varied voices in his head. After a week of incessant murmuring in his ears, Bruce was transported, by God, to Mount Everest, where He informed him that these voices were the prayers of the citizens of Bruce's hometown, Buffalo.

After trying out several different methods of organizing the prayers, Bruce eventually decided to create the Yahweh system, which organized all prayers in an e-mail format. Prayers could then be read, and answered via a text box. It was also possible to set the system up to automatically answer all prayers with the same answer. Bruce used it to answer all prayers as "YES", which inadvertently caused city-wide chaos in the end.

After God helped Bruce see the truth that nobody knows what they really "want", Bruce unplugged the Yahweh computer temporarily, only using it again to figure out Grace's true desire, which was to not love him anymore.

After that, it is assumed that the Yahweh system was never used again.