Susan Ortega
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Susan Ortega






Buffalo, New York


Bruce Almighty
Evan Almighty

Portrayed By

Catherine Bell


Manipulation, kiss


To seduce Bruce into being her husband, ensure that he and Grace broke up and use Bruce's fame to increase her own.

Love Interest

Bruce Nolan

Susan Ortega was a news anchor from Buffalo, New York, and the main antagonist of Bruce Almighty.

Personality Edit

Susan Ortega was a beautiful sexy-looking social climber. In fact, it's her gold-digger like lifestyle that makes her act the way she does. She doesn't care about living a simple life with Bruce like Grace. All she cared about, was seducing Bruce: firstly, because she wants to forcefully make Bruce and Grace break up. Secondly, she wants to increase her fame. Thirdly, as I said before her "gold-digger like lifestyle" indicates that she only developed a crush on Bruce when he was famous. But, when he was infamous, she didn't care about him and only noticed Jack the man who appointed her. Once Bruce rejected her love for him, decided to return the anchor position back to Evan Baxter, and decided to attempt to be taken back by Grace. She re-commenced her ignorance towards him again.

Bruce AlmightyEdit

By the year 2003, Susan had become a news anchor for Eyewitness News. Seeing the success that her new co-anchor Bruce Nolan was achieving, she developed a crush on him. At a party celebrating his success, Susan kissed Bruce which angered Grace as she walked in at the moment she was doing it. During the party scene, her evil yet seductive plan was to seduce Bruce, have sex with him, and become pregnant to forcefully marry and let Grace know that she is making Bruce cheat on her by attracting the most famous man on Earth. Unfortunately, it didn't work, because as Susan and Bruce were kissing. Grace enters and Bruce re-awakens his everlasting love for Grace and ditches his momentary love for Susan.

Evan Almighty Edit

By 2007, Susan was still working as an Eyewitness News anchor. Even though, she had no romantic interest Evan Baxter...

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