During the production of Bruce Almighty, much content was created or planned which, for whatever reason, did not make it into the final film. This page details that content, as well as explanations for why it was removed.

DVD Deleted Scenes

This content was filmed, and included on the home media releases of the film.

  • An extended version of the "A Little Less Conversation" montage, which included Bruce intentionally crashing on a parachute, and landing on Bigfoot. The director's commentary states this was cut for pace.
  • Bruce buying the mansion which would later be used for the party scene. Cut for time.
  • Bruce multiplying shrimp at a party. Cut for time and to avoid potential offence.
  • People confessing to Bruce. Cut for pace.
  • Bruce re-uniting Jack and his daughter, as well as pairing him up with Anita. Cut because the set-up scene was also cut.
  • Grace and Debbie in the supermarket. Cut for pace.
  • Bruce torturing Even more, including lighting him on fire. Cut to make Bruce less cruel.
  • More prayers being answered directly by Bruce. Cut for pacing. These include:
    • Bruce helping a kid in gym class.
    • Bruce helping a lady get money.
    • Bruce helping a prisoner escape.
    • Bruce making a little boy taller.
    • Bruce giving a man a larger penis.

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